Climbing log (Notion template)

Rebekka Lagacé-Cusiac

This notion template is great for any climber, whether they simply want to record the grades they are sending or want to develop a very structured training plan.

  • Keep track of each training session, whether that is climbing, hangboarding, campusing or general training
  • Record and track projects at the gym or in the outdoors
  • Develop a long- and short- term goals, and build your training plan around them
  • Record training ideas, and easily incorporate them into your training

See how it works in this video:

Basic demo:

Upgraded demo:

For a limited-time, I'm offering the free upgraded version in exchange for feedback on how to improve this template. Feedback can consist in improvements to session logging/planning, climbing training ideas, self-evaluations, or anything else you think I should add. You can send this feedback to I will then send you an updated version of the upgraded template. I look forward to your comments! :)

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Climbing log (Notion template)

I want this!